Is it true that the web add WeChat makes money?

Is it true that the web add WeChat makes money?

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Right now we could see the group members and scores for the groups ranked 50th through to 60th.


Suddenly, I felt an incredible sense of discomfort flowing through my body.

What is it?

I couldn’t immediately figure out what it was, but I felt an indescribable kind of sick feeling.

“I wanted to get a closer look at the results, but I don’t think I can concentrate with all this.”

Ishizaki, who wasn’t feeling the same discomfort as me, looked at the monitor and muttered in disgust.

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“There’s no helping it. I’m sure a lot of people wanted to know the detailed results of the exam.”

Ishizaki clicked his tongue in frustration and had no choice but to stare at the results from the spot.

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Although he has a bold personality, he won’t push the upperclassmen to get to the front.

The trouble is, even though it’s an auto-scrolling monitor, you can touch it with your hand to hold it in place or scroll to look at any order. Currently a third year student was operating it.

Therefore, it is unlikely we will see the top results that Ishizaki wants to see anytime soon.