Where is the project to find money?

Where is the project to find money?

“Eh, really? This should be important. I’ll check it out…oh.”

Hoshinomori’s abruptly stopped. At the same time, Amano’s phone vibrated for a second. When he grabbed the phone to confirm its content, the sisters started talking again.

“Hm? Your phone’s ringing, that’s rare…Eh? Meh, it’s just the game’s notification.”

During this time, Amano looked away from the screen of his phone with a confused face. Just as we are trying to figure out what’s going on, we heard Hoshinomori’s explanation from the corridor.

“Oh, right, this period is filled with special activities, I need to complete the missions…”

“Huh? I need to do that too.”

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Amano looked at his phone and the corridor over and over again. At this point, only I realized the situation before Tendou and Aguri.

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“Right, both of them play the same mobile game and should get the same notification.”

While this is entirely logical, the problem is…

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I immediately knocked my chair without meaning it.

“Oh, shit. If Hoshinomori and Amano began to chat about the mobile game…!”

Perhaps they will realize their shared bond of destiny. I immediately grew nervous. But, I guess I’m worrying too much.

Someone’s moving, I can see that via the matte glass.

“I wanted to read the e-mail, though. However, I don’t think I should make everyone wait…”

“Oh, I can do the missions for you, sis. I saw you playing a lot, so I guess I know the basics.”

“R-Really? Thanks, I’ll go to my room then.”