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“...... I know that.”

「The Former Six Supremacy, Beast King La’iphant, is now in control of the Demon Realm, but if the other surviving Six Supremacy start to move with a purpose, they will be difficult to suppress, even for La’iphant.」

Yes, the problem may not be just about our family.

I can’t wipe the premonition that something was about to start.

Earth, what the hell happened to you?

But no matter what, I’ll catch up with you.

And, at that time, anything is fine. Talk to me.

Give me another chance to be your parent.

[S1] The name here, ライファント, is phonetically ‘Raifanto’ so might be written as ‘Lyphant’. I went with La’iphant because I want to make Demons’ names more exotic when possible. Like I did with Tre’ainar.

[S2] The name here, ヤミディレ , is phonetically ‘Yamidire’. Also I may need some input on her moniker. 暗黒戦乙女 translates as ‘Dark War Maiden’ but Mamu is already called the ‘War Maiden’. War’s Dark Damsel is what I came up with but I’m considering changing Mamu’s moniker to ‘Battle Priestess’ since she was called ‘The Priestess Mamu’ in the manga. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this. Edit: Thanks to Ark’s input, I’ll be using “The Dark Valkyrie” as Jamdi’el’s Moniker.

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[S3] I’m imagining [Albedo] levels of devotion here.... Watch out Earth!!!

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Translated by: Sads07

―― Well, if I win the tournament... Let me feel your boobs!

At that time, I never imagined things would end up this way.

―― I see. Alright. If You Can Win Little man, then! Then let’s play with the puppies all day!

Request from Little man for the tournament.

As an older sister, I agreed to a little obscene reward with a smile, if that would motivate Little man.

But when I returned to my room, I...