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Online, publishing articles

Ye Zhizhou came to Slow Movement Studio and subconsciously looked at the work environment.

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Yes, it was indeed similar to Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games.

Slow Movement Studio might just be established but there were already employees working on their desks. One had to admit that the efficiency of this recruitment was quite high.

Ye Zhizhou came to the conference room and sat down in an empty seat.

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Lin Wan was seriously flipping through a thick stack of resumes. She picked out the ones that fit the criteria and placed them aside, preparing to invite them for an interview.

Lin Wan tidied up her resume and poked at the conference table seeing that everyone was here. “Everyone is here. Let’s start quickly. There are still a few interviews in the afternoon.”

Ye Zhizhou realized that Lin Wan was becoming more and more like a model leader. When she first arrived at Shang Yang Games, she had been hesitant and indecisive. Now, she looked more and more like a qualified leader.

“You’re very efficient. It’s only been three days and you’ve already hired new employees?” Ye Zhizhou sipped his tea as he said.

Lin Wan smiled. “Yes, the recruitment mailbox immediately exploded as soon as we put up the signboards of Shenhua Corporation and Tengda Corporation and uploaded Shang Yang Games’ successful games.”

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“Many people want to enter Tengda Games, but they can’t. They have to take exams. The benefits here are similar to Tengda’s. There is also a reputation. Many people are trying their best to get in.”

“However... I am also under a lot of pressure because of this relation to Tengda. If the game is not done well, I would really lose out to Boss Pei.”

“Let me introduce everyone. This is the current person-in-charge of Shang Yang Games, Ye Zhizhou. This is the product manager of Shenhua Corporation’s cell phone business, Old Song. This is the chief designer of Chi Xing Workspace, Cai Jiadong...”

Lin Wan quickly introduced everyone.

Old Song was the product manager. He was in charge of borrowing Shenhua Corporation’s resources to make the new VR glasses. Cai Jiadong was the new chief designer. His resume was unknown, but these two looked to be in their thirties or forties. They should have a lot of experience.

Cai Jiadong shook hands with Ye Zhizhou. “Nice to meet you, nice to meet you! I’ve played all the games developed by Shang Yang Games. I didn’t expect the chief designer to be so young. I’m really ashamed.”