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But even so, within each of the classrooms we checked, we could see first-year students engaged in light-hearted conversations with each other.

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They might have felt like there was no need to worry about the special exam, or perhaps they didn’t think that the exam was a very big deal yet.

“It seems like most of the students who stayed behind aren’t worried at all, just as expected.”

“Ain’t that nice. Even though I’m freaking out over here.”

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Even if a pair were to score less than 500 points during the exam, the first-year student would just be cut off from earning private points for the next three months. While this would undoubtedly be a great loss for them, it probably didn’t feel that critical since they should’ve gotten their first payment just after the entrance ceremony.

“Kuku. You’re awfully late, eh Suzune?”

Horikita was just about to finish up her inspection of Class 1-C when she was greeted by a familiar voice.

The voice belonged to none other than Class 2-C’s Ryūen Kakeru, who had his eyes fixed on us daringly.

The door leading to Class 1-D was behind him, and it seemed as though he had just come out of it.

“Ryūen-kun, are you here to observe the first-years as well? I don’t think I saw you at the meet-and-greet.”

“It was all just a buncha dipshits groupin’ up in the gym, right? Going there’d be a waste of time.”

Ryūen had adopted the same strategy as Horikita. That is, to go after the students who didn’t attend the meet and greet.

Based on his tone, it seemed reasonable to assume that he was aiming for the best students the first year had to offer.

He had gotten here a mere 20-30 minutes earlier than us, but…

With that much time, it was possible that he had already successfully scouted several people.

We’d have to wait until 8:00 AM tomorrow morning to see what pairings he had made.

“Chill out. I haven’t found anyone yet.”

Horikita and Sudō wouldn’t trust his words very easily.