What are the online places?

What are the online places?

No one was going against him, so he had nothing else to do other than to deal the last hit. However, every time he pushed the little soldier under the tower, FV Team’s Storm Swordsman would come out of the jungle and eat this wave of soldiers.

FRY’s mid-laner also wanted to control the line, but it was useless. The Storm Swordsman would come to the mid lane after he ate in the jungle. He would attack the small soldiers and then run after eating. He would not stay for long no matter what.

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He did not even care that some of his HP had been depleted in the middle tower. It was as if he only cared about the small soldiers and monsters!

FRY’s team sounded confused.

“There’s no mid-laner on the other side at all. This Specter Blacksmith is a support, and the Storm Swordsman eats everything in the middle lane and the jungle!”

“What should we do? The Storm Swordsman dominates two lanes, and the Specter Blacksmith can passively give him more money and experience. He can fight five by himself in a while!”

“Can the mid-laner push the tower?”

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“We can’t. The Storm Swordsman can rush back based on the situation. The next wave of troops under the tower will be cleared very quickly. If the mid-laner is pressed down too deeply, we might be caught!”

“My top laner has suppressed the Ancient Lava Tree well. Don’t let anything happen to it!”

“Can our jungler help to push their junglers into the jungle together?”

“That won’t do. Let’s not talk about whether you can beat him after entering the jungle. You won’t be able to catch Storm Swordsman even if he wants to run. What’s more, he’s farming the jungle with two people. How are you going to catch him so quickly?”

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“What if the support wanders around?”

“No, the pressure at the bottom lane is too great. I can’t leave.”

FRY’s team members discussed a few plans, but after some research, they realized that they did not have a good solution for the current situation!