Example of online null gloves white wolf

Example of online null gloves white wolf

"'Then,' he uttered, knitting his brows, 'it is not a fortuitouscrime: it is another attempt on the part of your enemies.'

"Such was also my opinion. And yet:

"'But, sir,' I exclaimed, 'who can have any interest to destroy me,- a poor obscure girl as I am? I have thought carefully and well,and I have not a single enemy that I can think of.' And, as I hadfull confidence in his kindness, I went on telling him the storyof my life.

"'You are a natural child,' he said as soon as I had done, 'and youhave been basely abandoned. That fact alone would be sufficient tojustify every supposition. You do not know your parents; but it isquite possible that they may knew you, and that they may never havelost sight of you. Your mother was a working-girl, you think? Thatmay be. But your father? Do you know what interests your existencemay threaten? Do you know what elaborate edifice of falsehood andinfamy your sudden appearance might tumble to the ground?'

"I was listening dumfounded.

"Never had such conjectures crossed my mind; and, whilst I doubtedtheir probability, I had, at least, to admit their possibility.

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"'What must I do, then?" I inquired.

The peace-officer shook his head.

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"'Indeed, my poor child, I hardly know what to advise. The policeis not omnipotent. It can do nothing to anticipate a crime conceivedin the brain of an unknown scoundrel.'

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"I was terrified. He saw it, and took pity on me.

"'In your place,' he added, "I would change my domicile. You might,perhaps, thus make them lose your track. And, above all, do notfail to give me your new address. Whatever I can do to protect you,and insure your safety, I shall do.'

"That excellent man has kept his word; and once again I owed mysafety to him. Tis he who is now commissary of police in thisdistrict, and who protected me against Mme. Fortin. I hastened tofollow his advice, and two days later I had hired the room in thishouse in which I am still living. In order to avoid every chanceof discovery, I left my employer, and requested her to say, if anyone came to inquire after me, that I had gone to America.

"I soon found work again in a very fashionable dress-makingestablishment, the name of, which you must have heard, - Van Klopen's.

Unfortunately, war had just been declared. Every day announced a newdefeat. The Prussians were coming; then the siege began. Van Klopenhad closed his shop, and left Paris. I had a few savings, thankheaven; and I husbanded them as carefully as shipwrecked mariners dotheir last ration of food, when I unexpectedly found some work.