Is the online SU model make money?

Is the online SU model make money?

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"I ran at once to my employer. She did not know what I was talkingabout. She had sent no one, and was not acquainted with any American.

"Of course, I never saw him again; and I couldn't help thinking ofthis singular adventure, when, one evening during the followingweek, as I was coming home at about eleven o'clock, two policemenarrested me, and, in spite of my earnest protestations, took meto the station-house, where I was locked up with a dozen unfortunateswho had just been taken up on the Boulevards. I spent the nightcrying with shame and anger; and I don't know what would have becomeof me, if the justice of the peace, who examined me the next morning,had not happened to be a just and kind man. As soon as I hadexplained to him that I was the victim of a most humiliating errorhe sent an agent in quest of information, and having satisfiedhimself that I was an honest girl, working for my living, hedischarged me. But, before permitting me to go,"'Beware, my child,' he said to me: 'it is upon a formal andwell-authenticated declaration that you were arrested. Thereforeyou must have enemies. People have an interest in getting rid ofyou'"Mademoiselle Lucienne was evidently almost exhausted with fatigue:

her voice was failing her. But it was in vain that Maxence beggedher to take a few moments of rest.

"No," she answered," I'd rather get through as quick as possible."And, making an effort, she resumed her narrative, hurrying moreand more.

"I returned home, my mind all disturbed by the judge's warnings.

I am no coward; but it is a terrible thing to feel one's selfincessantly threatened by an unknown and mysterious danger, againstwhich nothing can be done.

"In vain did I search my past life: I could think of no one whocould have any interest in effecting my ruin. Those alone haveenemies who have had friends. I had never had but one friend, thekind-hearted girl who had turned me out of her home in a fit ofabsurd jealousy. But I knew her well enough to knew that she wasincapable of malice, and that she must long since have forgottenthe unlucky cause of our rupture.

"Weeks after weeks passed without any new incident. I had plentyof work and was earning enough money to begin saving. So I feltcomfortable, laughed at my former fears, and neglected theprecautions which I had taken at first; when, one evening, myemployer, having a very important and pressing order, sent for me.

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We did not get through our work until long after midnight.

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"She wished me to spend the rest of the night with her; but it wouldhave been necessary to make up a bed for me, and disturb the wholehousehold.

'Bash!' I said, 'this will not be the first time I cross Paris inthe middle of the night.'

"I started; and I was going along, walking as fast as I could, when,from the angle of a dark, narrow street, a man sprang upon me,threw me down, struck me, and would doubtless have killed me, butfor two brave gentlemen who heard my screams and rushed to myassistance. The man ran off; and I was able to walk the rest ofthe way home, having received but a very slight wound.

"But the very next morning I ran to see my friend, the justice ofthe peace. He listened to me gravely, and, when I had concluded,"'How were you dressed?' he inquired.

"'All in black,' I replied, 'very modestly, like a workwoman.'

"'Had you nothing on your person that could tempt a thief?'

"'Nothing. No watch-chain, no jewelry, no ear-rings even.'

"'Then,' he uttered, knitting his brows, 'it is not a fortuitouscrime: it is another attempt on the part of your enemies.'

"Such was also my opinion. And yet:

"'But, sir,' I exclaimed, 'who can have any interest to destroy me,- a poor obscure girl as I am? I have thought carefully and well,and I have not a single enemy that I can think of.' And, as I hadfull confidence in his kindness, I went on telling him the storyof my life.