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“Are you going out with Tachibana?”

I was well aware that it was a silly question, but I asked anyway.

Despite having moved on from the student council, the two of them were still often off doing things together.

“No. Nothing of the sort.”

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A flat denial. It didn’t seem like he was trying to hide anything either.

However, a quick glance at Tachibana’s face told me it was somewhat more complicated than that.

At the very least, there was no doubting that Tachibana had some sort of feelings for him.

“I’ve spent these last three years thinking about nothing but school, for better or for worse.”

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“Is that so?”

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“But I didn’t think something like this would come out of your mouth. Could it be that you’re just a regular high school student?”

Perhaps I had been influenced by that talk I had with Hoshinomiya-sensei.

“I think I’m about as regular as you can get.”

“Ah. That’s right. So, have you gotten yourself a girlfriend, Mr. Regular High School Student?”

Even though I had been the one to bring up the topic, I hadn’t expected him to turn it back on me.

“Not at all right now. But if someone suitable comes along, I’m accepting applications.”

“I feel like I could rest assured if I left Suzune to you, but I get the sense that that isn’t going to happen.”

“Of course not.”