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He had set the condition that the game must have a story mode despite its genre and under that prerequisite, Bao Xu’s idea was the perfect solution!

Not only was it acceptable, it was the best fit for the situation!

Could it have been a coincidence?

Of course not! The reason why Boss Pei could have created two successful hits previously coupled with the fact that he had set those three conditions before the game’s development meant that he must have wanted things to steer in this direction to begin with!

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Indeed, Boss Pei was truly a mysterious man who had everything under his control...

Huang Sibo could not help but feel shivers run down his spine – was this the world of the truly great designers?

“Hold on, there’s another problem,” Huang Sibo suddenly recalled. “How are you planning to resolve Boss Pei’s two other demands? One of it is to lower the difficulty level for newbies and the other one is to sell epic weapons where the permanent use price would be set at 888.”

Bao Xu was confident. “I’ve thought about those two points as well.”

“Lowering the difficulty level to make it suitable for newbies, that’s an issue with sensitivity. As long as we were to adjust the hitboxes of the players, trajectory speed of the bullets and the speed of zooming, that will do. We don’t have to worry about those, we can adjust it along the way.”

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“As to why we’re doing that, I’m still unable to understand Boss Pei’s intention for now. However, since he was the one who made the demand, he can’t be wrong. Let’s just follow along.”

“As for the part about epic weapons, that’s actually part of Boss Pei’s lofty ambitions!”

“Initially, I could not understand it as well, thinking that it was to merely just sell expensive weapons.”

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“However, I started asking myself why Boss Pei would come up with such a simple demand. There must be a deeper reason for us to dig out behind his words!”

“After a long time, I finally understood.”

“Epic weapons where the permanent usage price was set at 888... what about the price of the non permanent trial use period?”

“If we have epic weapons, does that mean we must have normal, elite and hero weapons too?”