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-I’m unusually aware that my sweat is flowing from my neck to my chest.

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After the meal… As per usual, Pei Qian arranged for the driver to send Teacher Qiao off as he remained in his private room. He was prepared to have a chat with Lin Canrong.

This chat was a little heavier for Boss Pei to?have.

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Now that Ming Yun Private Kitchen had become famous, it was too late for him to do anything. Pei Qian could only try his best to instruct Lin Canrong so that the situation wouldn’t get any worse.

After the dishes on the dining table were cleared, Lin Canrong sat across Pei Qian, beaming with joy.

All this while, Lin Canrong had been extremely busy.

Ever since Ming Yun Private Kitchen became a hit, all lunch and dinner reservations were full for the next two weeks.

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He had been bored to death initially; now, he was working to death.

He had to preorder ingredients daily according to the reservations and make the necessary cutlery and settings changes based on each group of customers. He also had to make sure that the waiters knew what they were doing while dealing with last-minute scenarios.

Fortunately, Ming Yun Private Kitchen had many chefs and wait staff with the latter all well-trained. Hence, he had still managed to make things work.

Although he was so busy, Lin Canrong was extremely happy. He felt that he could finally showcase his true worth.

Boss Pei had handed him such a good restaurant; he naturally couldn’t let Boss Pei down and had to continue helping the restaurant thrive. He even wanted this restaurant to become the best in Jingzhou City!

Although there were many customers-as there weren’t that many seats in the private kitchen to begin with, all the guests were still manageable.