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From this angle, Ma Yiqun thought that the book would be extremely popular on Zhongdian Chinese Network if it was well-written.

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Yet, was the book perfectly written?

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Ma Yiqun did not think so.

There was still room for improvement. If adequate modifications were made, the book could improve by an entire tier!

It was just as well. Since Cui Geng had not written much yet, he could easily turn around. Ma Yiqun had to make sure that he changed as much as possible, as soon as possible!

At that thought, Ma Yiqun called Cui Geng. “Boss Ma, I’m writing right now! Don’t worry. I’m going to write this book very well. I won’t leave it incomplete this time! I’ll write at least two million words!” Before Ma Yiqun could speak, Cui Geng expressed his determination.

“Hehe, guess how many times you’ve said this already.”

Ma Yiqun’s first response made Cui Geng shut up immediately.

“Alright, I’m not calling you about that.” Ma Yiqun laughed and cut straight to the chase. “I was going to talk to you about your new novel indeed, but apart from reminding you to write it well and not to leave it incomplete, there was something else.”

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Cui Geng was stunned. “Please go ahead, Boss Ma.”

Ma Yiqun replied, “I have some suggestions. Let me explain them to you briefly. If you think they make sense, you can modify your book. Otherwise, don’t worry about it. Take it that we’re brainstorming and working as a team to make this novel as good as it can be.

“I think your novel has potential. That’s why I want to make sure that its content is perfected.”

Feeling overwhelmed by Boss Ma’s favor, Cui Geng said, “Please advise me.” Ma Yiqun organized his thoughts and then explained them to Cui Geng in detail.

“I can tell that the Boss Pei was your inspiration for the first mini-plot. Tengda has many interesting stories to draw from indeed. You can use them as inspiration. However, I think you’ve not applied enough of your artistic flair to it.

“I have two main suggestions:

“First, I think the protagonist, as a pure observer, isn’t sufficiently involved in the plot. “There’s nothing wrong with making the protagonist a pure tool. Some writers do that as well. However, if you can connect the protagonist with the plot, it’ll be more interesting

“This is what I’m thinking: the light ball that the protagonist obtains does not concern a parallel world, but his own world.

“Everything that the protagonist does realistically changes his world and improves the world around him for the better.