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Finally, I took a game from him; this feeling.

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Changing up the flow of things, the surroundings started to become noisy, and game 5 started.

The result of the game was…

Echizen forgot his typical lines after that game, and I looked at my screen with a calm gaze, waiting for the next game… Unlike us, however, the spectators were getting amped up.

“H-hey, this guy just took two games off Echizen!”

“It was… by chance, right? It’s gotta be a lie. He was a complete amateur in the first game…”

The attention had shifted away from the famous player Echizen and towards the no-name player, Misumi, who had just won two games.

Gritting his teeth, Echizen had a desperate look on his face. Game 6.

“I… I will defeat you and make it to the nationals!”

He shouted a war-cry during the match, but to no avail. I beat Echizen once again. …This time, he was only able to take a point, and my skill had surpassed his.

Everyone watching the match was holding their breath. All the excitement had already passed, and instead, the atmosphere was a mixture of anticipation and awe as a strange mood hung over the crowd.

And the deciding game… game 7.

“…I want to become stronger. More… moooooorrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee!”

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Echizen had all but collapsed and forgot his lines and his character, but—

As if it was a throwaway game, I… uninterestedly looked down at my controller, and without losing a single point, won the match.

For a short while, only the sound of the game echoed in the room.

But right after, the silence was broken by loud cheering.

“A-amazing! What is this!? An amateur just beat Echizen at a tennis game!”

“T-that’s a lie! He’s a famous player, so I bet he got lazy and lost!”