Is the GEC coin on the Internet remained reliable?

Is the GEC coin on the Internet remained reliable?

The thought sprang up in Pei Qian’s head instinctively. It was not that he did not trust his own finance department, but that amount was much less than he had expected, wasn’t it?

He quickly accessed the platform and checked out the data. After checking it, Pei Qian realized that everything seemed correct.

At the moment, GOG had more than 1.7 million players online simultaneously. The local MOBA game market accounted for more than sixty percent of that. Those numbers were not that far off from that of LOL’s national server in the first half of 2012, as Pei Qian remembered.

In other words, there were a lot of players.

LOL subsequently became so popular, mainly because of its development throughout a couple of years. It pushed the boundaries of MOBA games and caused many players of other types of games to enter the pit.

GOG had only been released less than a year ago. Of course, it could not achieve that kind of popularity yet. The fact that there were more than a million players simultaneously online in the local server was already a miracle, and there was a lot of room for the game to develop in the future.

Of course, that was just one million people online at the same time. The actual number of players was much higher than that. Some people only played the game once in two or three days, and they would buy skins as well.

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More than four hundred thousand players had purchased Ruan’s skin. That was Ruan’s first skin, which was an epic skin sold for 18 yuan per piece.

That skin had only been sold two weeks after Ruan was released because GOG’s project team was investing all of their efforts into developing new heroes. Producing new heroes was of a much higher priority than producing new skins. Thus, releasing a new skin two weeks after the hero’s release was already considered a feat.

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Pei Qian had been the one to set the price of the skin. Brave skins would be distributed for free, epic skins would be sold at 18 yuan, and legendary skins would be sold at 45 yuan. 400,000 x 18 x 5%!a(MISSING)mounted to 360 thousand yuan. However, the problem was that there was another rule for collection of ideas for heroes on GOG’s Creative Community: Once the new heroes designed by gamers were launched, the first skin would be sold at a ninety percent discount, the second at fifty, and the third at twenty. All gamers would be able to enjoy that promotion for up to a month.

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Active users in GOG’s community would have more benefits.

In other words, gamers could buy that skin for about 1.8 yuan.

It was no wonder that a proportionately larger number of people had bought it. Many players in the game would not play Ruan. In fact, before each ranked game, it would be the first to be banned. Many people were only buying it as a collectible because it was so cheap.

The main source of income for GOG was from the skins of heroes that had not been designed by players. Those skins would not be sold at the discounts of GOG’s Creative Community, and profits would not be shared with players.

Pei Qian had mixed feelings inside.

Logically speaking, forty thousand yuan was a lot for his current income level. Yet, why did he feel a faint sadness in his heart...?

Was this what it felt like to shoot himself in the foot...?

To minimize the game’s income, Pei Qian had set extremely low prices for all the skins. Min Jingchao had obviously implemented his suggestion, thinking that unprecedented discounts were being given just to encourage players to actively participate in design work for GOG.

As a result, Pei Qian found that his income for the first month was only 40,000 yuan. He had to admit that he had caused all of this.