Which online make money websites are reliable?

Which online make money websites are reliable?

「Yes, I understand.」

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After that, I interrupted the special exam and directed the examinees to the site of the general exam.

From there on, there was no big problem, and the exam was conducted normally.

Although there were various troubles along the way, this year’s Thousand Blade Academy’s entrance exam ended safely.

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February 7th.

A week before Valentine’s Day, Sie Arcstria was lying down on the desk in the student council room, and sighed loudly.


The time was 4 p.m.

It was the end of the classes at Thousand Blade Academy, and all the students were undergoing their club activities.

From the schoolyard, the voice of the practice-swing club echoed, and the warm evening glow of sunset poured filtering in through the window.

(Uh, what should I do…? There’s only a week left.)

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Sie’s heart was burning with impatience as she messed with her beautiful black hair with her fingers.

In preparation for『Valentine’s Day』, she tried to get to know Allen Rodore’s favorite chocolate indirectly, but…

The moment her eyes meet his, her head goes blank and she hasn’t even been able to talk straight lately.