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…I can sense that his heart skipped a beat for a second. It must be my imagination.

I continued leaning my body to him-

“Ah, yeah, I think that’s more like lust instead of feelings. I don’t want feelings. I want your lust. Yeah, the wording sounds better too.”


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H-Hiya, what happened? Did I imagine it? I can feel senpai’s temperature and heartbeat diving to normal levels. …I-It must be my imagination, right? It’s impossible for a guy to not feel excited when a beautiful kouhai corners them, right?

My hopeful guesses are useless. Senpai left and answered calmly.

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“Hey, please don’t do that. I have a girlfriend. Moreover, you aren’t even my friend.”

“Cold! Hey, is the attitude change necessary!?”

“Yeah, it’s because…”

Senpai looked away embarrassedly and mumbled.

“I have to reject Konoha-san firmly when you’re serious. Otherwise, it’s too dangerous…”

“Eh? Senpai, what did you say?”

“I-It’s nothing.”