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It would not be surprising if they tried again.

「Let’s go, Allen!」

「This time, I will have my revenge!」

「I’ll go too!」

The four of us pulled out our sword and immediately headed to the main gate.

And the person who was raging there —

「You bastards. You’ve got some nerve to rob Allen from the Ice King Academy… Aa?!」

「Give me back Allen-sama! What kind of person do you think you are, snatching away God?!」

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It was Sid Euclius and Cain Material. First-year students of Ice King Academy.

「Sid-san?! Cain-san?!」

As I stared in wonder at the unexpected culprits,

「Bastard, Allen! Quit this boring charade and return to Ice King Academy!」

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「God! You are alright!」

The two noticed me and started hurling nonsense.

「Eh, umm…」

I was confused as to how to respond.

「We are the ones who acquired Allen first. I won’t give him to you.」

Idol-san stood in front of me and declared.

「Aa? I don’t care whether you’re called『Prodigy』or what not, but if you get carried away, I’ll bloody kill you!」