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Finally, I sighed deeply. I managed to completely drag my consciousness back from the live stream to my miserable reality.

The kotatsu is covered with empty coffee cans and chocolate wrappers. The ground surrounding the chair is filled with walkthroughs I bought for reference.

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There are also the data files, magazines, news, and my tablet for the game wiki page. The entire apartment is so messy that there’s nearly nowhere to stand.

A lonely college girl is standing at the center of this room. I had a sweater on top but panties underneath only.

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“…Sheesh, …I hate this.”

I scratched the back of my head clumsily.

Where did that hardcore live streamer Torabasami go? In reality, I, Ayumu Kiriya, don’t even have the slightest energy to improve my life.

I don’t know what I should do after imagining how much I need to clean this. So, I just stood there dazedly.

However, the cold January breezes invading my cheap apartment don’t allow me to do so. My body temperature is leaking away rapidly once my thin legs are outside the warm kotatsu.

I tried my best to fight against my desire to crawl back into the kotatsu. I wore my jeans and immediately started cleaning the house. Basically, I don’t want to spend any energy on things that are not live streams. However, that’s why I need to work hard to maintain my lazy lifestyle. That’s why unbelievably, my room isn’t like a garbage disposal. I have to thank my parents for raising such a serious kid.

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I threw the trash, packed up the books, and started sweeping the floor.

Finally, I washed the empty pot as I looked at the trash disposal schedule on the fridge. Then, I suddenly realized something.

“Oh, right, it’s 10 AM tomorrow.”

I remembered a meeting with my friend. …This feeling of losing what day it is due to the sluggish holiday is really daunting. Even so, I jotted down my entire schedule on my phone. There are notifications and alarms. I hate failing to deliver my promise.

After washing the pot, I wiped my hands with the towel and returned to the kotatsu. After that, I looked at my phone.

Then, I opened the calendar and checked tomorrow’s event again. …I can’t help but smile bitterly.