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“However... I’m still lacking.”

“I can’t catch up to games like Struggle and Mission and Choice no matter how hard I try. Therefore, I have to continue learning!”

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Pei Qian was silent.

Indeed, Lin Wan’s attitude remained the same.

However, if you think that way, it would be too difficult for me!

Struggle and Mission and Choice actually did not have any profound game design theories at all. Their birth was an accident. In fact, your game design theory has long surpassed mine. I beg you to leave quickly and make me lose money!

However, Pei Qian could not say that out loud.

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Pei Qian could not say ‘you’re outstanding enough’ to Lin Wan now. That was because Lin Wan firmly believed that she was still far from it. If Pei Qian said something like that, it would trigger the protection mechanism in Lin Wan’s heart. That would make her suspect if Lin Chang was the one pulling the strings. That would cause the situation to spiral out of control.

Pei Qian had to send Lin Wan away safely without triggering the protection mechanism in her heart.

He had already thought of an excuse very cleverly. Based on his understanding of Lin Wan, the success rate of this excuse was very high.

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“Yes, indeed.”

“Your game design skills might have improved, but you’re still a distance away from becoming the best game designer.

Pei Qian first expressed his agreement with Lin Wan on the surface. That way, he would be able to eliminate her wariness and pave the way for what he would say next.

Lin Wan’s eyes lit up as she asked, “Boss Pei, what should I do next to improve myself?”

After a moment of silence, Pei Qian said, “I think you should leave your comfort zone.”

Lin Wan was stunned. “Leave my comfort zone?”