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Among these posts, some discussed the competition, some discussed the strength levels of all clubs in the ICL league, and some discussed the celebrity players.

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Suddenly, Pei Qian frowned.

The titles of the popular posts felt a little strange!

‘ICS League protests Finger Games’ double standards! ‘

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‘Everyone, don’t say that ICL’s viewership has gone down the drain. Revealing the fact that the other live-stream platforms’ data are fake!’

Both posts were very popular. Pei Qian clicked on the first one.

This post was mainly to move the discussion content of the overseas forum. Finger Games treated ICS league differently from the ICL league, causing the ICS club and audience to protest.

Finger Games had already responded by saying that they would lower the starting price of the ICS league slots and apologised to everyone.

The key was that this post had analyzed many details of this matter and reached a conclusion: Tengda was behind this!

GOG’s overseas league was also in the midst of preparation. They deliberately raised the price for very few slots for the overseas club. It was a stark contrast to Finger Games. That was why the ICS club was incited and Finger Games had no choice but to admit defeat...

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Pei Qian was confused.

What the hell!

This has nothing to do with me. Don’t push the blame onto me!

Pei Qian realized that he had the attribute of getting the blame now. He was obviously not the one who did this. Yet, both netizens and competitors had blamed it on him. It was ridiculous!

Pei Qian did not take this news to heart.

If Finger Games wanted to lower the price, so be it. In any case, the starting price of GOG’s Northern American Region had already fallen to one million yuan. The other regions were even lower, and they could not make much money anymore. They were no longer a threat to Pei Qian.