The public number of the money sent by the Internet is true.

The public number of the money sent by the Internet is true.

Thus, Pei Qian asked the staff to modify the Tengda Spirit test’s programme. Then, he would be able to use the new version for the next Tengda Spirit test.

November 6th, Sunday...

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At DGE Club...

The cleaner had just finished cleaning the place, and the entire training ground was now clean and spotless.

The ten new members of the two teams in the club were participating in a mock competition. Although they looked focused, they actually felt distracted.

That was because something big was going to happen today.

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All bidding for the GPL would be held at DGE Club!

The thought that a major event that would decide the future of the entire industry was going to take place right here made everyone feel antsy.

The living room on the second floor of the club’s villa had always been used as a large conference room. Now, it had been cleaned up and was very tidy. There were a total of thirty chairs around the large conference table and outside the conference room.

It was a little crowded, but it was alright.

However, Zhang Yuan felt that something was still lacking.

Who were the people coming today?

Shenhua Real Estate’s Boss Lin, Sun Strike Studios’ Boss Zhou, Xue Zhebin, Boss Li, and so on.