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In addition, small burns that occurred while defending against the will-o-wisps can be seen in various places.

Zack, on the other hand, was almost unhurt.

The damage on him was only at the level of small cuts on his skin, and there are basically zero definitive damage.

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(…I’m beaten. At this rate, I might not be able to win…)

There was only one reason why this fight was so agonizing – the absence of soul dress.

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In the end, what stood in my way is the big wall known as『talent』.

(I have no choice but to do it…)

It’s frustrating, but Zack is a better swordsman than me.

I have to pull out that guy’s power. I’ll never win as I am right now.

Recall it.

(…Zack was saying)

I don’t have to physically make him yield, I just need to pull out a part of his power. I just have to make him yield with my mind.

(…Even that guy said the same thing)

『Strength of mind』and above all『resolve』was not enough.