Taobao orders you make money

Taobao orders you make money

The 888 yuan Red Kilin was created as well and that was the only gun available in the marketplace with nothing priced lower.

They were most likely going to be flamed by the gamers but Pei Qian was mentally prepared for it as long as they could lose money!

Old Ma was getting flamed by gamers everyday as well but it wasn’t as though he did not dare to take public transport thereafter?

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Furthermore, Pei Qian had already checked and knew that Sun Strike Studios’ Bullet Hole was going to be launched at around the same date. That was why he wanted Ocean Stronghold to clash with it so that they could stand to lose!

With such a strong competitor, what was the use of making Ocean Stronghold a great game?

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They would definitely be crushed bitterly by the other party!

“Boss Pei, there’s still some other modes for the game. Should I introduce them to you too?” Huang Sibo asked.

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Pei Qian shook his head. “It’s fine! Let’s just send it to the official platform for vetting. It’s been rough on you guys through the long development process! Prepare yourselves for some fun this afternoon! We’ll go have a movie and a great meal!”

He An continued speaking. “Of course, everything that I want to say constitutes smuggled goods as well. I hope you can understand this, Boss Ma.

“That’s because there’s no such thing as an objective and fair expression. Anything that has been through artistic processing would be affected by the hidden intentions of the person who did the work.

“However, the goods that I am about to smuggle were produced by me alone. They are my personal vision for the future local gaming industry. Boss Ma, it’ll be great if it resonates with you, but it’s also fine if it does not.”

Seeing He An’s stern expression, Pei Qian pushed his conflicting emotions to the back of his mind and listened intently.

“I am going to split today’s lesson into two parts. “In the first part, I am going to talk about my successful experience while working on The Landlord Game. I will also theorize how I managed to smuggle the right ‘goods’ and exercise restraint at the same time.

“In the second part, I will briefly talk about my views on the gaming industry’s prospects for development-or shall I say, my proposal.”