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Although that was unlikely, I still mentioned that possibility.

“If that’s the case, there’s no need to wake her up.”

He was saying that if she had overslept on such a momentous occasion, then she wouldn’t be worth acknowledging.

Even though it was his last day, his attitude was the same as ever.

“Oh well! There shouldn’t be a problem. After all, there’s still time.”

She might be nervously staying in her room until the last moment, because of the fact that it was her brother that she was going to meet.

“Let’s not talk about that for the time being. I didn’t expect you to come so early.”

“I thought that you would come early as well.”

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We agreed to meet at noon.

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There was more than enough time before the bus departed.

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But for their final farewell, I expected the Horikita siblings to have a long talk here.

And so unsurprisingly, the elder Horikita came 20 minutes early.

What both of us did not expect was that the younger Horikita, who should have been the central character here, had not arrived yet.

Anyways, since she hadn’t arrived yet, we could only talk about things relating to both of us.

It was just a waste of time if nothing was said, and if we just waited for the time to pass.

After thinking a bit, I mentioned something that I started to care about recently.

“Sorry. If only I could have done more for you when you were on the student council.”

The elder Horikita had discussed with me how to stop Nagumo from doing whatever he wanted.