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Mii-chan pointed at the screen. During this time, Tendou-san’s character…either double-jumped or used her ultimate to get back to the island.

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Aguri-san understood. “I see.”

“This is different from other fighting games. You don’t lose after taking a certain amount of attacks. Instead, you’re out if you fall off.”

“Like a home run?”

“Yes, yes.”

For some reason, Mii-chan and Aguri-san’s conversation made us smile in this hardcore fight.

Then, Konoha-san cleared her throat and added to Mii-chan’s explanation.

“So, it’s also possible to knock someone out relentlessly when they’re trying to get back, Agu-senpai.”

“Really? Well, is it like blocking the net in volleyball?”

“Yeah, perhaps it’s just that this is even more aggressive. How should I put it? It’s like jumping over the net and blocking the opponent in their zone. Of course, you’re finished if you fall too.”

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“I-I see. So, why didn’t Main-nee-san knock Tendou-san…”

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“Well, it’s because Oiso-san is right behind her. It’s a battle royale, after all. You’ll die if you’re not careful. So, it’s not worth it to continue chasing. …A lot of people die because they try to force a kill in this game.”

“I-I see. …This is different than girls playing a lively game together. I didn’t expect this to be that brutal. < Smash Bros. >…”

“Yes, I rank this as the most possible game to devolve into a real-life fist galore. Just a side note, the other games on this list are < Momotaro Dentetsu > and < Bomberman >.” [It’s a board game that combines Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders.]

Konoha-san smiled after explaining that. I didn’t expect this side of her, so I asked.

“You actually know it, Konoha-san? I didn’t expect you to play these games…”