What does not make money online?

What does not make money online?

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Of course her work won’t get acknowledged. It was too unique.

“B-But, when I designed the content with the criticism of others in mind… the results are…”

“Rave reviews.”

Hoshinomori nodded. Right, I think Amano mentioned this before. Amongst the game made by ‘NOBE’, the second one was relatively normal, and even made it into the top rankings.

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Hoshinomori smiled wryly.

“W-Well, I know that I am not a great creator, so it’s strange for me to worry about it so much. But even so, I still can’t find the right answer. In the end, I just kept doing the things I like… And ended up with mediocre reviews.”

“Since you like to make games, that is also fine, right?”

"… Things would be simple if I just resign myself like that. But after experiencing praises that one time… I can’t forget the exuberance I felt…”

“Why not make games that others would like?”

“I-I made the second game with that in mind. However, I didn’t feel that strong sense of happiness even though I got praised by others…”

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“Well, in a sense, that would be like denying your original style…”

“T-That’s right! Erm, it’s not like I don’t feel happy at all. In fact, I was very depressed when my third game tanked. B-But, I believe that my real style will be accepted one day and I have been working hard all this while. However…”

“It’s still not going smoothly huh?”

“Y-Yes. That’s why, I am thinking whether I should make another orthodox game.”

“T-This feels like an endless hellish cycle.”

All creators in the world had been caught in such a dilemma to some extent. But there was no right answer to this. Frankly speaking, I think it was fine either way and urged Hoshinomori to continue:

“And then.”

“B-But, actually, I have a strange fan who said… He likes the style of the real me.”

“... Ah… That guy is probably ‘Yamasan’ right?”