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“What Horikita brought up just now about controlling the votes is meaningless.”

“Why sensei?”

“If nobody is selected for both the first and last place positions, the special exam will be considered a failure. Regardless of your intentions, should the results of the vote be a net total of zero for every student in the class, another vote will be held. Put simply, the exam will repeat endlessly until you decide on someone to expel.”

With this, the escape path the class was frantically searching for was closed off.

“Isn’t that rule strange? If we voted honestly and just so happened to end up with a total of zero votes on each side, the results would still be the same, even if we held another vote. If we forcibly distorted the results after that, it wouldn’t feel like the students were chosen by a legitimate evaluation.”

“Horikita, your reasoning is correct. Should it just so happen to end up with a net total of zero votes for everyone, a revote does indeed seem contradictory. But, think about it realistically. Coincidentally ending up with a net total of zero votes for everyone in an exam where you explicitly choose people for both first and last place is almost impossible, right?”

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Chabashira’s response was also very reasonable.

A net total of zero votes for everyone wouldn’t happen unless the vote had been intentionally set up that way.

“…Then, what happens when there’s a tie for first or last place?”

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In comparison, there was a fair chance of a tie actually happening.

“In either case, there will be a deciding vote. However, even then, the vote might be tied a second time. If this happens, the situation will be evaluated by a special method prepared by the school. I’m unable to elaborate on this method any further at the present time.”

Does that mean she’d only tell us if it actually happens?