The largest typographic money platform

The largest typographic money platform

「B-But… If we miss this opportunity, then it’s truly over, you know!?」

「…That’s right. We third year students will graduate this year and can’t participate in next year’s event. This is the last chance to get Ria-sama as a lover!」

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「I-If so, resolve yourself to death! We’re gonna pierce through!」

The third year students aligned their minds, raised a war cry of desire, and they charged simultaneously.


「Dark Shadow!」

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Allen’s unyielding darkness mowed them down effortlessly.

Less than a minute later, fifty third year students lay unconscious on the ground.

「As expected, Allen…」

Ria, who was hiding behind his back and watched the mowing unfold, let out such an impression.

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「Ahaha, thank you. Well then, shall we take this chance to hide somewhere? It will become troublesome if we are found again.」

「Yes, that’s right.」

Then, they disappeared under the cover of the night.

Trapping many of the senpais in Dark Box, I moved with Ria to the rooftop of the academy building.

It won’t be so easy to find us up here.