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“Quickly @ the one chapter beasts here so that they can learn from this example!” Cui Geng’s leave did not mention any specific reason. He only said that he had something important and needed one day off.

He originally wanted to just drift along, but readers’ comments pierced through his heart.

“It’s over. Giving up after one week of hard work? No determination!”

“You did not even mention anything about updating! As expected of you!”

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“Has the kidnapper received the ransom to let him go? Please don’t, continue keeping him. We’ll raise the money!”

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“Underground gossip from other author groups! It was said that no-show was sent for ideological education because he wrote the least, hahahaha!”

“The person who wrote the least during the entire class? That does sound exactly like him!”

Cui Geng sighed, feeling the different treatment. Sigh, they were both humans who received different treatments!

The other person had a day off to enjoy himself. Readers rejoiced.

What about me? I’m at the headquarters to receive ideology education and am being mocked by the readers.

So difficult! Cui Geng heard a ‘ding’ as these thoughts ran through his mind. He arrived on the 17th floor.

Cui Geng walked out of the elevator to the front desk and explained his intentions to a pair of beautiful twins. Someone soon came out to greet him and led him in.