Is it true that the part-time job on Taobao?

Is it true that the part-time job on Taobao?

I blushed deflatedly. Uehara-kun started repeatedly apologizing again. Well, I’m not kind enough to forgive him for saying stuff like that. I pouted and glared at him to show my anger.

“Sigh, but that was a pretty shocking event, even for outsiders like us. So, you can at least forgive me for messing with you a little bit, Hoshinomori.”

“Shocked, …ha! Uehara-kun is indeed-“

The long-awaited love detective is here! Then, my seaweed head took a smack. I moaned with tears in my eyes. Uehara-kun sighed and complained.

“What do you mean by indeed? I don’t remember raising any flags to you.”

“N-No, you’re always saying things that make me overthink! For example, what’s with your ‘I only choose you’ declaration a while ago!?”

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“Eh? What’s that?”

“You forgot it already!? …Whatever, I know it, anyway. Uehara-kun is pretty good at picking up girls.”

“Hey, wait. How did you reach that conclusion? I-I have never-“

“But didn’t you support Karen-san a little bit recently?”

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“You’re also having a close relationship with Keita, not to mention Aguri-chan! …If this isn’t called being smooth and slick, I don’t know what is!”

“I can’t argue! However, if you say that, isn’t Amano…”

“Keita’s fine. It’s okay for Keita to have a bunch of relationships with girls.”

“Eh? Why?”

“Well, since- he’s still not happy now.”

“That’s really mean! …Well, that guy’s relationships are all somewhat negative for some reason.”

“Yes. He’s tangled with girls that he shouldn’t date with, and I’m the first one on the list. This is Keita.”

“Don’t put yourself onto the first one. …Sigh, it’s hard to envy his popularity when you think of Main-san and Kousei…”