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Hōsen, having noticed what Sudō was doing, called out to us somewhat suspiciously.

“Hold it!”

“There’s no reason for us to wait for you. We’re done talking.”

Horikita turned a deaf ear to him, but Hōsen didn’t show any signs of backing down.

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It seemed that Horikita’s all-or-nothing gamble was moving in the right direction.

“Aight, I admit it. You were right Horikita. That day, I went out lookin’ to meet up with Class 2-D. After I got here, it didn’t take me all that long to realize that Class D was the wimpiest bunch in the school. Instead of bein’ treated like a joke by the rest of the classes, I figured it’d be fastest to just go’n work with you guys, bein’ fellow D classers an’ all.”

Looks like Hōsen had indeed been sending signals to Class 2-D back then, just as Horikita had predicted.

That said, whether or not his goal had been to form that same cooperative, equal relationship with Horikita was a different matter altogether.

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“So? You sure ya don’t wanna continue the discussion? You and I are similar, comrades even. Two leaders who thought’a the same thing.”

“As long as you intend to keep making ridiculous demands, nothing is going to change.”

“What, you really just gonna go in blind? Takin’ the penalty and lettin’ yer shit get figured out randomly?”

“Yep. I’m fully prepared to take the penalty if we have to.”

While it was certainly a painful position to be in, it wasn’t anything we wouldn’t be able to overcome.

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Thanks to the efforts of Kushida and the others, many of those with D and E ratings had already found partners, pretty much guaranteeing their safety.

“I see. Then how ‘bout I propose you somethin’ like this?”