Internet technology to make money

Internet technology to make money

You have to wait for your stamina to regenerate to play the game a limited number of times. The main point is that you’re not playing all of it at once. Instead, you’re checking it out once a while in the long term. I’m really not suited to this playstyle.

I grabbed my phone and opened the music game I played a while ago. …The stamina is zero, and I can’t even play for once.

After I locked the screen and put the phone aside, I pouted.

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(Why you’re not letting me play when I really want to?)

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I, …Karen Tendou, will feel a devastating sense of defeat when I can’t “follow my own rhythm” during gaming.


“…Uh, ha!”

Once I snapped out of it, I realized that I’m hitting the bed with my hands and legs when no one’s around like a child throwing tantrum. This isn’t what a high school student should be. I can’t help but blush.

(N-No, Karen Tendou! You can’t be like this! You’re not a puppy yearning for food!”

I started reflecting on myself. Actually, come to think of it, I’m impatient when it comes to queuing for a match. I always leave right away when no one is around to play against me online.

I stood up abruptly and grabbed my phone tightly.

(This isn’t working. I have to get used to waiting. If I’m so impatient, I’ll definitely get into fights with Amano-kun later! …I need to improve this by going through some training, Karen Tendou!)

I thought about that as I started searching for new apps. This time, I’m not looking for social games. Instead, I’m looking for ones that wait around for progress, …which is idle-type games.

(There are no extra elements, no need to pay to win, and no skill is required. …A indie app that can be completed by “waiting” is what I need for my training.)

I quickly browsed the list. After scrolling down for a while, I found an icon drawn with vintage and rough pixels. …This is the one.

Intuitively, I installed it on my phone and opened the app right away.