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Although there was a so-called caretaker who was supposed to supervise me, he spent around 70-80%!o(MISSING)f his time that year living in a hotel.

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And for me, I wasn’t even that familiar with the place I called home, even though I lived there.

The white room was where I spent most of my time. For me, that home was just a temporary residence in which I’ve stayed in for no longer than a year. It felt no different from a hotel.

“The white room, huh.”

That man hasn’t given up yet.

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I’ve already felt his intense desire to get me out of here.

I didn’t know much about what happened during this past year, but I was certain that the white room would have restarted its activities.

And as long as the white room needed me, I would return.

This would happen in the not so distant future, 2 years later.

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But… I still had 2 more years left of this school life.

It didn’t make sense to be thinking about this now.

Basically, I was in a situation now that I couldn’t have imagined would happen a year before.

And these irreplaceable memories had definitely been engraved in my heart.

I arrived at the north entrance of Keyaki Mall, where we were going to meet.

Normally, the stores would open at 10 every morning on weekdays, but some stores would open at 9 during the holidays.

The cafe on the second floor where we were going to meet was one of those stores.

“This is the life.”

Doing whatever I liked, freely living my life as a high school student.