What do the online lottery platform make money?

What do the online lottery platform make money?

Ninomiya had an A- rating in Academic Ability, which was not to be made light of. Her Physical Ability rating, however, was a D-.

“In any case, good work getting here, Masumi-chan.”

“Oh shut it. Don’t talk to me… It’s hot and I’m all sweaty now, this sucks…!”

Kamuro, who was doing what she could to get her breathing under control, kept at a distance, waving Hashimoto away as he approached her. Her dismissal prompted him to turn toward me instead.

“Come to think of it, this is the first time we’ve run into you this exam, Ayanokōji. So you’re in the area too, eh…? To think you’re going at it alone too, brave stuff there. You doing alright on points?”

“In all honesty, I wouldn’t be shocked if I placed in the bottom ten.”

“Stop pulling my leg. There’s no way a guy who doesn’t think he’s gonna win would choose to take on the exam alone.”

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I honestly wasn’t in that great of a spot right now, but I didn’t really feel like showing him my tablet to prove it.

“I hear what you’re saying, but when you end up showing up in the top ten tomorrow… what then?”

He faced me with an inquisitive, somewhat tentative look in his eyes, but there was absolutely no way something like that was going to happen.

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“Well whatever, I’m just glad this isn’t a math test. We wouldn’t stand a chance against a genius like you.”

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“Alright everyone, the Task will now begin.”