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「Let’s do it.」

Idol-san held the sword which she drew out with her right hand and said so while maintaining her unique stance.

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(That stance is surely not because of being a ”natural airhead”.)

It seems that the one-handed grip is her stance.

「Then… Here I come.」

Victory goes to the one who makes the first move.

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The『sword of wait-and-see』is dangerous against a superior swordsman.

(Attack, attack, single-mindedly attack and push through with momentum!)

I kicked the ground firmly and zeroed the distance with her in one step.


I did not miss the chance where she stiffened for a moment,

I unleashed a reverse diagonal slash aimed at her left shoulder which was half defenceless.

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(Yoshi, I got her!)

The moment I was convinced of the telling blow,


The metallic sound of swords clashing resounded.