How to write a test paper online

How to write a test paper online

The two employees looked up at Boss Pei’s back and started whispering.

“Has our company’s crisis really passed, look at how Boss Pei is?”

“Yes, this is the Boss Pei in the good times. Looking at Boss Pei’s serious expression, the company’s funding problem must have been resolved. We can eat without worry!”

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“It was resolved so quickly... I don’t know if it was because this problem was not big to begin with or because Boss Pei was too amazing.”

“It must be because Boss Pei is too amazing! To put it bluntly, the problem of funds is the problem of money. How can it be easy to get money? However, Boss Pei has been sitting in the office for the past few days, and a huge sum of money has immediately entered his account. Players are taking out their money, and the other companies are lending a helping hand. Tengda has resolved the difficulty that is as difficult as ascending to the heavens for others!”

“That’s right, I also heard that this crisis helped Tengda establish a very high prestige! It served to intimidate its competitors!”

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“What do you mean?”

“Tengda has some competitors in all fields, right? I heard that some companies were actually intending to hit Tengda while it was down when it had problems with its capital chain. However, before these companies could use their underhanded methods, Tengda’s crisis was resolved!”

“Ah, this is just a precaution, right? How can it be to intimidate the opponent?”

“Think about it. Normally, when companies encounter financial problems, they would be badly battered and rob Peter to pay Paul. However, Tengda is facing financial problems? It is light and easy, borrowing strength to fight, and is free and easy! Players are taking out their money, and other companies are lending a helping hand, easily getting rid of them! Would the competitors dare to fight a price war with Tengda after seeing this?”

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“I see! What about Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation?”

“Heh, them? I guess they’re the most shocked. They wanted to kill Tengda when it was weak, but they didn’t expect Boss Pei to resolve it so easily. I think they should stop for a while. At least, they won’t dare to cause trouble in the short term.”

“However, I think that Boss Pei might not let them off. As the saying goes, it’s better to break one finger than to injure ten fingers. Wouldn’t we have to settle this once we recover?”