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All of the members in Team One and Two were evidently shocked.

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The entire situation looked confusing and impossible to predict now.

Team One had initially been much stronger than Team Two, but their midlaner was now being transferred to Team Two and replaced with a newbie. Both teams were now back at square one.

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With Jiang Huan as the commander of Team One, their battle strategy would be slightly better. However, with a newbie as their midlaner, their skills would be slightly poorer. On the other hand, Team Two would be filled with experienced players, but they would need to work more on their teamwork.

This time, no one could say for sure which team would be given additional training.

In particular, Little Zhou was the most confused. Who knew how much additional training he would have to endure as the team leader? He would be tortured!

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He did not want to look like a professional boxer like Huang Wang!

Little Zhou quickly said, “Don’t! I don’t know how to lead at all.”

Zhang Yuan sniggered. “You don’t? No worries. You’ll know how after going through a few extra training sessions.”

Everyone: “...”

In the evening...

Old Zhou played GOG on his own while watching a live-stream to check on how Huang Wang was doing. All things aside, Huang Wang was quite hardworking. He was live-streaming on his first day in Shanghai.

News that Huang Wang had transferred to another club spread online and on live-streaming platforms.

“Boxer, have you transferred to the H4 Club? Are you playing as a mid-laner with Pang Ling? Is that true?”

“The rumors are spreading like wildfire. Please give us some real updates.”

“If that’s true, doesn’t that mean that H4 has made up for its shortcomings and risen to the skies at lightning speed? This is going to be a new warship!”

“No, the DGE Club’s Team One is the real warship. Weren’t you able to tell during the Performance Competition held over the past few days?”