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"Yeah. We operated it from here".

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Apparently there is a special remote control that can be operated from the 1st floor, it seems it was thanks to using the limited express mode from here. And we just happened to use that combination with the same timing.

"...you must have had a difficult time".

"Really it was disastrous. I've had enough of fortune-telling for a while". It's not like I didn't understand Ibuki's feelings for saying that. I then expressed my gratitude to the adults, and the man who was watching from a distance then approached us

"Are you alright, Ayanokouji?" he asked me.

The big man that approached had a familiar aura about him and asked me that with a worried voice.

"You saved us. You managed to bring us down".

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The elevator stopping caused some trouble. But it seems it did not cause a noticeable uproar. This man, Katsuragi, probably managed to do that for us.

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"The information you told me through the phone was enough. This is good enough right?" he asked me.

"I have to go to the medical center now. Please let me repay you some other time" I told Katsuragi.

"You don't need to. I myself was helped a great deal by you, and also Sudou. Since we are from different classes, there is a line that absolutely cannot be crossed for us. But if we can get along despite that, it's a most welcome thing" Katsuragi replied to me.

"It looks like that went well then".

"Yeah. Sudou answered my expectations brilliantly. Please tell him again that I appreciate it a lot" Katsuragi said.

"I got it".

"And also, Ayanokouji. I must also thank you. Even though prior evidence was prepared, there should have been some resistance at least before agreeing with the request I had made" he continued.

He bowed his head as if in apology towards me. But I'm feeling just as grateful right now though. If I were stuck for any longer in that elevator, I would have surely lost my cool.

"If there's anything you need again, please contact me. If I can be of any help, I will cooperate. Other than exams" Katsuragi laughs briefly and leaves while leaving behind a joke like that for me.

And before I knew it, I was becoming close to Katsuragi. Almost as close as the 3 idiots, perhaps even more than that. Why did I know the contact address of Class A's Katsuragi, and why was I so close to him?