Is it a false thing to pay attention to the public number?

Is it a false thing to pay attention to the public number?

This exam was more difficult than usual, so getting lower scores is inevitable.

“I have some plans, so you can head back with your friends.”

“Are you staying too, Ayanokōji? Going home together or something?”

He gave the two of us a look, skeptical about whether or not we were going to do something.

“It has nothing to do with him. I have an appointment with Kushida-san. Is that also a problem?”

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“With Kushida? No problem.”

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Sudō withdrew immediately after he realized that she intended on meeting with another girl.

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“I’ll head home and study then.”

“Yes, but considering tomorrow, please go to bed early.”

“I know. Kanji, Haruki, let’s go back together.”

Sudō offered to head home with them with a calm attitude, nothing like his usual harsh appearance.

You can naturally avoid the risk of failing if you learn to study. And because we can respond to each test separately without panic, a clear mind is born as well.

“By the way, what’s your arrangement with Kushida?”

“It’s not that important. Both of us should have put forward the effort to keep track of our scores, so I intend to confirm things with her.”

There’s some free time until the results of the test are announced.