Can I make a dish online?

Can I make a dish online?

FRY Club was considered a veteran foreign club. The GOG team that they had previously formed had made it to the semi-finals of GOG’s international invitational tournament and obtained fourth place. That was already the best result that foreign teams had achieved.

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To be able to achieve such results in a project that started late showed the strength and foundation of FRY Club.

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Currently, FRY was also recognized as a top-tier team in the IOI circle.

It was not easy to invite them to the training tournament this time. Zhao Xuming had only managed to invite them through the official connections of Finger Games. If they were to contact them privately, FRY Club would probably decline.

That was because the international competition was about to start. Every team’s time was very precious. There were only a few training competitions they could play in a day. It was equivalent to wasting their time and dragging themselves down if they did not improve after fighting a weak team.

FRY Club was more inclined to compete in training competitions with European and American teams. They were not very interested in domestic Chinese teams.

The club’s leader was well aware of this. Thus, they did not say much even though the FRY Club was a few minutes late and had no intention of apologizing. They only started the training competition as per normal.

An hour later, the training competition ended.

The team members were obviously at a loss. They looked at the game settlement interface and the output data on the screen, frowned, and began to contemplate life.

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They had played two training competitions in that hour. They had been cleanly beaten 2: 0, which included 15 minutes of intermission.

After that, the members of the FRY Club left the customized gaming room without even saying goodbye. It was as if they would be dragged down if they stayed a second longer.

The team leader was just like the other team members, completely lost.

After that, the coach and team members began to discuss intensely.

“What kind of playstyle is FRY using? Why can’t I understand it at all? It’s so different from the previous version!”

“They have obviously started to choose the modified heroes in terms of lineup. We are still playing on the same tactics as before. How are we going to play this?”

“I said at the start that heroes who cannot be defeated should be banned!”

“Can you not say such useless things after the fact? Do you think we can ban so many heroes?”

“I feel like the style of the European and American teams is not countering us. It doesn’t feel like they are playing seriously either. Our side collapsed as we played...”

“What’s there to counter? It’s just the difference in strength...”