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How to make money online small mall platform

“Haaa!? No way in hell I’mma show a guy. No, I wouldn’t even do it for a girl either.”

“Fair enough.”

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Since she wasn’t going to grant me permission, I simply opened it up without permission instead.

“Hey! I said no!”

Inside her backpack, there were clothes, amenities, and a bit of food like jerky.

Aside from that, there was a plastic 500ml water bottle, but it was already empty.

Since the school had set up trash receptacles at certain locations such as Task sites, she should’ve already thrown away anything she didn’t need by this point. However, there wasn’t so much as a single drop of water inside the plastic bottle, indicating that it had been empty of its contents for quite some time now.

In addition, she didn’t seem to have a walkie-talkie or any other form of communication device.

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“How long have you been out of water?”

“I don’t have to tell you anythi─”

“I said, how long have you been out of water?”

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I asked my question again, this time with a stronger tone and a rigid, unsparing gaze.

“…A full day… and then some.”

“So you’ve just been walking around without water like this?”