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Someone had taken a picture of the tragic scene of the crime scene. This little angel was lying in a pool of blood. Her limbs were tied up, her mouth was stuffed with cloth, and there were tears on her face. Her death was tragic but beautiful. It had also aroused unlimited sympathy from the public.

Thus, the three superheroes who participated in the rescue faced immense pressure from public opinion.

The public did not accept them pushing the blame away even though they had explained that the criminals’ goals did not seem to be for ransom and had no intention of releasing the hostage. Instead, they continued to pressure the Superhero Association to disqualify the three superheroes.

The power of these three superheroes fell drastically with the public’s doubts. The Superhero Association had no choice but to cut ties with them. They revoked the licenses of two of the superheroes while admitting their mistakes to the public. The other superhero was protected because his connections were strong enough. However, he also needed to reflect deeply, repent, and do a long period of volunteer work in front of the public to gradually appease the public’s anger.

The criminal who had killed the young daughter of the rich businessman had been shot dead on the spot. The other criminals who had been captured alive had only committed the crime of kidnapping and not murder. Thus, they were each sentenced to ten to dozens of years of punishment when some members of the jury objected. Only the leader of the criminals was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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The people came to the streets and spontaneously offered flowers to this little angel to express their grief.

At that moment, Phil began to bombard all interest groups related to this incident on Twitter: Superheroes did not have enough intelligence and ability to deal with this incident; The Superhero Association did not see the shortcomings of these three superheroes’ abilities and misuse of their manpower; Superheroes did not have a clear estimate of the hidden risks in this city. They were only passively catching criminals, but they had never thought of solving the underlying problem that caused the high crime rate in Hope City...

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Phil’s speech garnered support from the public.

The people’s emotions were in urgent need of an outlet to vent after this tragedy. Someone had to be responsible for this tragedy. It was obviously not enough for the three superheroes to take the blame.

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What’s more, people had already accumulated a lot of resentment towards Hope City’s high crime rate. It was very easy to add fuel to the fire with Phil stepping forward.

If the Casanova Phil had commented on this incident a few months ago, most people would have thought that he was boasting shamelessly.

However, now, with the hot influence of ‘Successor’, many people viewed Phil as an industry insider who truly understood the problems of the superhero system.

What Phil said made sense since he was an industry insider who really understood these things.