Online DNF game part-time money?

Online DNF game part-time money?

“Why would it be inappropriate? This was a prize from the annual meeting. It’ll be reasonable for us to go and play. It’s completely within the company’s regulations. Boss Pei is a fair and reasonable person. He won’t forbid you from going, for sure.”

Li Yada was speechless after hearing Lin Wan’s nice-sounding words.

I’ll give it a try, then!

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I’ll talk to Boss Pei, and see if he’ll allow me —the chief planner of this project—to go overseas on holiday halfway through research and development.

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Before applying for leave, Li Yada checked on GOG’s situation and the simplified version released by Dream Realization Ventures.

Simply put, they had already achieved initial success.

The two beta versions could be combined and played together. After this, they would have to fix bugs and continue developing the game. The simplified version produced by Dream Realization Ventures was already being updated in real-time on Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s computers. Furthermore, it was currently getting better feedback than the initial version.

Of course, they could not tell much from the figures in the short-term. They had to observe the situation for a while longer.

However, at the very least, this proved that the suggestions given by Dream Realization Ventures had not been retarded or alien. Instead, they were logical.

Li Yada had no idea why the group of investors at Dream Realization Ventures understood games so well either.

She opened her email inbox and found that He Desheng had sent suggestions on follow-up amendments.

She had to admit that they had been quite hard-working with sending amendments.

In fact, they had been so hardworking that Li Yada was beginning to suspect that the investment firm could not find any new projects to invest in.

Why else would they have nothing better to do every day than to observe GOG and offer suggestions?

Still, this was a good thing. She would not turn down any suggestions she received as long as they were valid.

After filtering He Desheng’s suggestions, Li Yada incorporated the amendments into the work schedule for the following week.

That way, even if Li Yada went overseas, the design team would be able to continue working as planned without affecting the project’s progress.

Now that her work was more or less done, Li Yada stood up and walked towards Boss Pei’s office, prepared to discuss the possibility of a holiday to the United States.