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「Aa, yes. Allen, I want you to supervise this year’s entrance exam.」

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Sensei took out the『Admission Application Guidelines』of Thousand Blade Academy while uttering such a ridiculous thing.

Leia-sensei handed out the admission guidelines to each of us and briefly outlined it.

「The entrance examination is held on February 1st, about three weeks from now. What I’m thinking is having Allen as the chief examiner and Ria and Rose as the assistants. How about it? Won’t you accept it?」

She looked at me with an unusually serious expression..

「Well, uh… Why would I be the chief examiner?」

「Well, it’s a『tradition』. Basically, in the entrance examination of the『Five Academy’s』, the highest achiever of the previous year is supposed to be the examiner. Most likely, the chief examiner for Ice King Academy will be Sid, and Idol for White Lily Academy.」

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「Is that so…」

It is difficult to refuse when she says that it’s a tradition.

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(But, leaving aside Idol as an examiner, Sid-san being an examiner, huh…)

The students who are going to take the Ice King Academy entrance exam this year are going to have a hard time.