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One was ‘Jingzhou’s new commercial district’.

The picture had all the shops near Ming Yun Villas, such as the internet cafe, bar, board games cafe, coffee shops, etc. It seemed very happening.

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Another was ‘a 5/5 mysterious restaurant making waves on the internet; the nameless restaurant is here!’

This picture had Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s Quanmin Reviews profile page as well as some pictures inside of Ming Yun Private Kitchen.

One other picture was ‘being neighbors with Jingzhou’s celebrities’.

This one zoomed in on all the luxury vehicles parked near to Ming Yun Private Kitchen, as well as a few group shots of successful persons.

Pei Qian felt that he was growing a little dizzy.

What was going on?!

As the sky had darkened, Manager Cui completely missed Boss Pei’s rather pale face as the former said excitedly, “Boss Pei, these flyers had been sent out; within a week or two, we should be able to see the effects!

“This time, our boss has decided to go all out. We have purchased publicity slots in newspapers, on TV, the exterior of buildings, magazines, public transports, as well as advertisement signboards in Jingzhou City!”

Pei Qian felt even more light-headed.

What the hell? They had bought advertisement slots everywhere? Wait a minute, I thought that you guys couldn’t sell any villas in this area?

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I had done my due diligence before making my purchase previously. Didn’t they say that there wasn’t any investment value in the villas here and that they were not competitively priced?

Why the sudden widespread publicity?

Also, you guys can do all the publicity you want; don’t drag my restaurant into it!

Pei Qian was a little flustered. “You guys are spending so much.”