How do novices make money on the online quarter

How do novices make money on the online quarter

The haunted house that Chen Kangtuo designed himself and customized it in his own style. He checked the semi-finished product during construction so he knew how terrifying it really was.

In fact, he never went in again after the third project of the Thriller Hostel was completed even though there was no staff acting as ghosts.

It was enough to scare people to death just by walking around in this environment!

But what did Boss Pei say just now? He wanted him to go through every single detail?

It was not something that could be completed by sheer willpower at all!

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However, Pei Qian did not give Chen Kangtuo a chance to protest. He waved dismissively and continued. “Alright, continue the visit.”

Chen Kangtuo had no choice but to continue leading everyone on the visit.

Industries such as the restaurants and hotels invested in by the investors were explained by the corresponding investors.

In addition, it also included some other reports, including the recruitment of staff required to maintain the entire operation of the Thriller Hostel.

This haunted house was neither big nor small, but it still required waiters, ticketing agents, cleaners, equipment maintenance, make-up artists, prop artists, and staff acting as ghosts.

Especially the staff acting as ghosts. They had been recruited a long time back and had been undergoing training. It was not only physical labor but also a technical job. If they were too far away from the tourists, the tourists would not be scared at all because it would be pitch-black and would not achieve any effect.

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Be too near to tourists, and it might stimulate some stressful behaviors which may cause them to be injured by tourists easily.

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Appearing too sudden and really giving the tourists a huge scare was a huge no-no as well.

In short, these groups of people must know how to play with different mentalities to scare different tourists to achieve the best results.