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Old Zhang was just getting cursed at here and there. How big of a deal was that? If Old Zhang really felt disturbed, he could always look for a couple more Hong Kong celebrities to join him in filming advertisements next time. He could ask them to do so on account of their friendship.

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At the very most, Pei Qian would invite Old Zhang back to Jingzhou and treat him to another good meal.

However, the thought that he would have to make a reservation whenever he wanted to go to Ming Yun Private Kitchen and that he would not be able to eat there whenever he pleased again made Pei Qian feel extremely down. “Oh, that’s right. I have to call Lin Canrong!”

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Pei Qian recalled a critical problem.

Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s situation had been too optimistic before. There were too few reservations not enough to fill up all the slots.

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Although Ming Yun Private Kitchen was already fully booked until next week, Pei Qian still had time to make reservations for after that.

Pei Qian called Lin Canrong to make several more reservations.

Before this, he only booked the restaurant on the 20th of every even month. He also booked the biggest private room for the first and third Sunday of each month.

Now, he was going to book the entire restaurant on the 20th of every month, and the biggest private room on the first and third Sunday and second and fourth Saturday of each month.

Simply put, he doubled the number of reservations he made the last time.

Pei Qian wanted to make more reservations, but he needed to have a legitimate reason each time he organized a gathering.

Booking a private room once a week and the entire restaurant once a month was about all he could do.