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I hit Aka’s left chest, in the heart.

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“So, the question now is which field I should enter.”

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After pondering about it, Pei Qian decided that he should first get to know the situation of this world.

Opening his laptop, he ran a search on Qiandu search engine and began looking up recent news, particularly those on technology.

“There’s some differences, albeit small ones.” Pei Qian had a rough idea of things.

Similar to his previous world, the trend still revolved around the Internet, technology, games and cultural industries.

Pei Qian could choose to enter any industry – that was something the system had no restrictions on.

However, in order to create value and not violate the system’s rules, Pei Qian had to employ relevant professionals while starting the company.

Towards industries that he wasn’t familiar with, Pei Qian had no confidence in navigating things – what if the professionals he employed were really incredible and ended up making the project a success?

After much contemplation, Pei Qian decided on the games industry.

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Even though Pei Qian hadn’t been in the games industry personally, he had played tons of games. With such an influence, he had a rough understanding of the industry.

Compared to the other industries, he felt more confident in his ability to navigate through the games industry.

By changing some of the gameplay slightly, he could create a game that could fail – that was a huge advantage he had!

Besides, it was easy to burn money in the games industry.

For physical industries, he could still sell the fixed assets to recoup and that wouldn’t be a total loss. However, in the games industry, the losses would be thorough and result in worthless codes.

With his memories of the world 10 years later, as long as he intentionally avoided creating profit-making games, wouldn’t he be done?

Step One: Make the game!

Step Two: Lose money and have the System Funds converted to his Personal Wealth entirely!