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In less than an hour, FV Club had uploaded four or five posts on Weibo and Twitter, all of which were in Chinese and English.

In China, there were still many people scolding on Weibo at first, but slowly, the number of people scolding became fewer and fewer.

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That was because everyone realized that FV Club’s work was still endless even though they were already out of words.

What’s more, FV Club was not only doing it for domestic teams, but also for foreign teams...

For example, the second Weibo post was openly mocking the food and accommodation conditions of all the other teams, while the third post was declaring war on the other foreign seed teams.

Thus, by the time they reached the last few Weibo posts, most domestic players felt that FV Club was overconfident and could no longer continue to comment.

That was because FV Club did not have any competitions now. They had to wait until they lost the competition before scolding them even if they were to scold them for being arrogant. Otherwise, what would happen if they really won the foreign team after scolding them?

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While many netizens in the country did not like such high-profile Weibo posts, they had to admit that it had a very good effect. The attention was immediately maxed out.

At first, everyone had been criticizing the two clubs that had lost the competition. Now that FV Club had suddenly jumped out to mock them, that naturally attracted everyone’s attention.

The attention on the official Twitter account of FV Club was also increasing rapidly!

That was because Tengda had invested in many foreign veteran clubs. Thus, they only had to say hello and these clubs would interact with the official accounts of FV Club. Once they interacted, fans would come.

These live tweets were obviously much more accepted overseas. The comments section was filled with “LOL” and other laughing emojis.

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After all, humility was a virtue to domestic players. They felt that they could not speak too confidently, for fear that they would be slapped in their face later on. However, foreign players did not care much about these things. They had the mindset of watching a good show, and would not think too much of it even if they were slapped in the face afterwards.

Thus, the attention of the official account of FV Club on Twitter was rapidly increasing. Several veteran clubs also followed them and expressed their appreciation for FV Club.

However, right after that, FV Club pulled these veteran clubs together to AOE.

The new post and tweet content was: “Genealogy of Tengda Family.”