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“Alright, please come to the room here.”

I grabbed Tendou-san’s arm forcefully and dragged her. She tilted her head unbelievably.

I cleared my throat and started a trial against this extremely suspicious blonde-haired girl.

“Hey, …Miss? What’s with the ‘imagination of the southern islands’ here…?”

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“Uh, you’re asking what? …Aren’t these zombie fight elements…?”

“Hmm, that’s strange. You can’t bring these things in a real-life holiday imagination, right?”

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“No, no, officer-san, you’re wrong. We’re traveling to the southern islands, right? Aren’t people only looking forward to one thing at that place?”



“Okay, 17:32, we caught a core terrorist.”

I pretended to be looking at my watch as I grabbed Tendou-san’s arm tightly and dragged her.

Tendou-san let go of my hand as she protested with a bewildered expression.

“W-What does this mean, Amano-kun!? I’m just…I’m just looking forward to a ‘real-life zombie fight’ during the trip!”

“No, no, no! It’s not going to happen!”

“Ehhh!? Aren’t we talking about the southern islands!?”

“What did you expect the southern islands to be!?”